Sourcing grapes from many of the finest vineyards in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, and Amador the winemaking team of Don Bremm and Sharon Hanks produce a wide variety of both the typical California favorites like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Zinfandel but also more unusual varietals like Barbera, Dulcinea and of course Pinotage.  Their productions are small with most being less than 100 cases.


The grapes for the Moonstone 2003 Pinotage were sourced from the Sutter Creek Vineyard in Amador County which is indicated right on the back label.  I found the wine to be deep garnet in color and free of any sediment.  I drank this bottle over two evenings and found that the nose improved greatly after given some time to breath.  The aromas of cherries that were almost non existent on the first night truly exploded into your nose on the second, give this wine some air and you will be rewarded.

On the palate the flavors of cherries dominate with hints of nutmeg and plums.  The finish of this Pinotage is unlike one I have ever had. I’ve seen many described as having tastes of rose or florals but for me I just didn’t pick up on them, until this one.  I was caught off guard and immediately tasted again to make sure my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me.  Such a wonderful finish, I look forward to many more bottles from Moonstone Crossing.

Their website lists the 2010 Pinotage but if you give Don a call he might still have some back vintages as well.

Moonstone Crossing 2003 Pinotage

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